Death and Decision in the Empire State

For the past two decades physician assisted suicide has been a hot button issue in New York State and throughout the nation. Colorado recently became the 6th state to allow physicians to prescribe medications to hasten the death of their terminally ill patients.

In January 2017, the “Medical Aid-in-Dying Act” will be re-introduced in the New York State legislature. The sponsors of the bill acknowledge that its success is unpredictable and it will not be easy.

Here we investigate the controversy over aid-in-dying in New York. Articles cover national and state history of the issue, ethics issues in debate, and the experience in Vermont, the only state in the northeast where physician assisted suicide is legal.  We show a state by state breakdown of where each state stands on the issue and introduce each person who served as a source and the team behind this project.

Below is a video that takes a look at the proposed law, the fierce opposition of some New Yorkers and why others argue that physician assisted suicide is needed.